About Us

Shubhum is an effort to provide tools to do astrological analysis based on vedic culture. Not only, One can draw horoscopes for any person based on date, time and place of birth but also using the matchmaking tool, compatibility between two person can be assessed. One of the goal of Shubhum is to provide information to the believers of Auspicious ( and inauspicious) Day and Time that contributes to the success and failures of all the important activities we perform in our life.

Another purpose of bringing shubhum online is to explore the world of so called mysteries and to explain and understand the differences astrologers have, specially for example vedic astrology and western astrology. Also to highlight different approaches astrologers use to make predictions in a particular system. Basic information about jyotish is provided to visitors interested in learning about this vast subject. The information is going to be added gradually to the website. Visit shubhum regularly to check new articles related to astrology. Please read our privacy policy and terms of use before using this site.

This site is developed and maintained by Smart Web Technologies based in Toronto, Canada. However, the content of the website are derived from the centuries old rich hindu literature from India.

Finally, We thank every visitor of the website. Though the contents and information provided here is true to the best of our knowledge and belief, We apologies for any errors or omissions resulting out of ignorance or otherwise. Please bring into notice any errors or bugs related to this website by leaving a note in the contact us page.