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 Basics Jyotish

Date Published:2010-08-12 21:48:13


For those who are not aware of Vedic Astrology or Jyotish basic concepts, this article would be helpful.

In Vedic Astrology or Jyotish Ascendant, which is the Zodiac sign rising in the east at the time of birth, is given much weightage. Ascendant is the First house in the Ascendant chart which could be any zodiac (1-12) depending on rising sign in the east horizon. Rest of the houses are filled counter clockwise.There are 12 Zodiac signs in the cosmos surrounding Earth and 9 Planets or stars including Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology. Each zodiac is assigned with the ownership of these planets. These zodiacs alongwith their Lords are

  Rasi Zodiac Graha Planets
1 Mesha Aries Mangal Mars
2 Vrishbha Taurus  Shukra Venus
3 Mithuna Gemini Budha Mercury
4 Karka Cancer Chandra Moon
5 Simha Leo Surya Sun
6 Kanya Virgo Budha Mercury
7 Tula Libra Shukra Venus
8 Vrischika Scorpion Mangal Mars
9 Dhanu Sagitarius Guru Jupiter
10 Makar  Capricorn Shani Saturn
11 Kumbh Aquarius Shani Saturn
12 Meena Pisces Guru Jupiter

Besides these sign of zodiacs there are 27 star constellations consisting of 13 deg 20 min each thus gives total of 27 X 13 deg 20 min = 360 deg. The name of these Star constellations are

  Star Lord   Star Lord
1 Ashwini Ketu 15 Swati Rahu
2 Bharani Venus 16 Vishakha Jupiter
3 Kritika Sun 17 Anuradha Saturn
4 Rohini Moon 18 Jyeshtha Mercury
5 Mrigsira Mars 19 Mula Ketu
6 Ardra Rahu 20 Purva Shada Venus
7 Punarvasu Jupiter 21 Utra Shada Sun
8 Pushya Saturn 22 Shravana Moon
9 Ashlesha Mercury 23 Dhanishtha Mars
10 Magha Ketu 24 Shatbisha Rahu
11 Purva Phalguni Venus 25 Purva Bhadra Jupiter
12 Utra Phalguni Sun 26 Utra Bhadra Saturn
13 Hasta Moon 27 Revati Mercury
14 Chitra Mars      

Each Star Constellation is further subdivided into four parts called charans of 3 deg 20 min each thus giving total of 27 X 4 = 108 charans i.e. again 3 deg 20 min X 108 = 360 deg. As these planets moves around in the sky, they pass through these zodiacs and also comes into conjunctions and aspects with other planets for good or bad effects. This will be more explained in the next article.