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 Relationships among planets

Date Published:2009-04-06 22:05:14


Planets keep relationships with each other in the same way we human beings do. Or I should say our relationships with other human beings are similar to the relationships among planets. Relationships between planets are of two types

1. Natural or Nasargik Relation that could be Friends or Enemies or Neutral. The following table shows natural relationships possible between all the planets of horoscope.

SunMoon, Mars, JupVenus,SatMer
MoonSun,MerNoneMars, Jup, Venus, Sat
MarsSun, Moon, JupMerVenus, Sat
MerSun,VenusMoonMars, Jup, Sat
JupSun, Moon, MarsMer, VenusSat
VenusMer, SatSun, MoonMars, Jup
SatMer, VenusSun, Moon, MarsMars, Jup
RahuMer, Venus, SatSun, Moon, JupMars
KetuMer, Venus, SatSun, Moon, JupMars

2. Immediate or Tatkalik relation which is friends or enemies.

Immediate relationship between planets are determined by their positions in the horoscope. Planets placed at 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th house from any particular planet are considered its immediate friends. On the other hand, planets placed at 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and same house from any particular planet are considered as immediate enemies of that planet.
To get the net relationship between planets in an indivdual horoscope following algorithm is used

   1. Natural Friend + Immediate Friend = Best Friend
   2. Natural Friend + Immediate Enemy = Neutral
   3. Natural Enemy + Immediate Enemy = Worst Enemy
   4. Natural Enemy + Immediate Friend = Neutral
   5. Natural Neutral + Immediate Friend = Friend
   6. Natural Neutral + Immediate Enemy = Enemy

These relationships are determined for each planet in the horoscope and its effects are felt accordingly in their respective periods or sub periods determined by vimshotri dasha.