Gems or Gemstones

Gems or Gemstones are wonderful gifts of nature used for ornamental purposes ever since ancient times. These are naturally occuring stones valued for their rarity and asthetic value associated with them, though are synthetically made too in labs. It is believed that as our planet Earth orignated many billions years ago, various elements were formed in the crust of the earth including the gemstones.Other traces of elements and compounds along with heat and other environmental conditions added color and texture to these stones. Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is one of the single most chemical composition of gems and crystals which are inorganic in nature.Organic gems, however, are the products of living things. These include Amber, Pearls and Coral. Diamond is pure carbon formed from ancient plants to coal and then again subjected to intense heat and pressure before transformed into diamonds. Besides being used for Jewellery, many cultures believe in their mystical powers as well, when used can bring greater harmony in life.

In Jyotish or Vedic Astrology, gems are worn in relation to suitability as evident from one's horoscope. The native is informed of the planets that are most favorable for him/her and then he/she may choose from their favorable planetary gems as lucky gems or lucky gemstones. For Example: One has Aries Lagna - his lagna lord is Mars, which is positioned in the 10th house thus very auspicious for the native. That person would be advised to use a coral, the gem of Mars, to increase his auspicious influence. On the other hand if a person has Mercury debilitated in the 12th house they would be advised to avoid wearing Emeralds, gem of Mercury. Similarly, a planet which is functionally benefic in the horoscope and placed in good house but weak otherwise can be made stronger by wearing the gem of that particular planet.

There are ways in which native's horoscope is studied to find out suitable gems. For Example If lord of the rising sign i.e. ascendant is auspicious in the Ascendant chart, then gemstone represented by the ascendant's lord is prescribed. Similary, lord of the Moon sign can also be considered and checked if it is auspicious. Every person is going through planetary periods at any given time in his/her life called vimshotri dasha. The time period would be good or bad depending upon planet's position, conjunctions and aspects among other things in the horoscope. The gemstone of the planet whose dasha/antradasha is going on can also be recommended depending upon if the planet is well placed in horoscope and its suitability with reference to ascendant and its lord.

Ascendant Planet Gemstone
Aries Mars Coral
Taurus Venus Diamond
Gemini Mercury Emerald
Cancer Moon Pearl
Leo Sun Ruby
Virgo Mercury Emerald
Libra Venus Diamond
Scorpion Mars Coral
Saggitarius Jupiter Topaz/ Yellow sapphire
Capricorn Saturn Blue Sapphire
Aquarius Saturn Blue Sapphire
Pisces Jupiter Topaz/ Yellow sapphire

Nine Gemstones or Navratan



Ruby or Manik is a gemstone belongs to sun in astrology who is lord of Leo sign. Its chemical compositon is aluminum oxide, available in variety of shades of red color ranging from medium red (pinkish) to redish purple. Ruby balances power of sun in one's life. The general significations of Sun represents authority, power, father, soul, body, health and medicine. Depending on the placement of Sun in your birth chart, the wearing of a ruby may be very auspicious in strengthening the positive influences of Sun. In Jyotish Ruby is also used for strengthening the will power and promoting independence.



Pearl is organic material gem primarily calcium carbonate, available natural or cultured, represents Moon the lord of Cancer sign. Cancer is a watery sign rules fluids, mind, emotions, mother, silver in metals in general among others. The pearl harmonizes the cosmic effect of moon on mind and body.



Coral is another organic gem that comes from deep under the sea. Its chemical composition is calcium carbonate available in red, pink, white and black color. Red shade is considered to be the one representing Mars planet lord of Aries and Scorpion signs. Mars is considered very energetic planet responsible for courage, strength, bravery, command, blood, brothers, engineering and technical field and property in general.



Emeralds are Beryllium aluminum silicates with other metals like chromium to add specific color. The distinctive green color varying from light to dark green are considered Emeralds. Emerald usually contains inclusions as impurities or small fractures naturally. Too much inclusions in Emeralds to use it for astrology purposes is not advised. This gemstone represents Mercury lord of Gemini and Virgo signs. And influence intelligence, memory, nervous system, speech, sisters and teeth in general. It should be used to enhance these chracterestics if Mercury is ausipicious in one's horoscope.



Yellow Sapphire or Topaz are Aluminum silicates with fluorine and hydroxyl groups. This gemstone is reprentative of Jupiter the largest planet in solar system lord of saggitarius and pisces. It effects the knowledge, wisdom, justice, education, religion, spirituality, and prosperity in general. Topaz represents grand father in relations and gold in metals. Usually worn in index finger in gold ring.



Diamond is pure form of carbon created naturally under extreme temperature and pressure graded for price and value based on four C's i.e. Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color. Diamond is representative of Venus planet ruling Taurus and Libra signs. It reflects luxury, comfort, glamour, artistic work, beauty, romance, wealth, jewellry in general and reproductive organs healthwise. In relations it represents spouse in men's horoscope.



Blue Sapphire are again aluminium oxide family found in Ceylon , Burma, Thailand and Australia. Astrologically, this gem is a stone of Saturn which is lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn in vedic astrology is considered to be one of the scariest planet that brings justice to the life by punishing for misdeeds. People under the effect of saturn generally suffer. Saturn represents longevity, discipline, humility, delays, misery, fights, adversity and accidents. It rules Iron in metals, eyes or vision and legs in particular. Its influence often brings obstructions, delays and failure in life. There could be exceptions however that if saturn is ausipicious in one's horoscope it brings unmatched success in one's life.


Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite Garnet or Gomedh are complex silicates with color brownish orange. Hessonite garnets are found especially in Sri Lanka and Canada. It represents moon's north node called Rahu, the dragon's head in vedic astrology. Rahu is a shadowy planet that does not exist physically but are the nodes of moon where moon's plane around the earth intersects the earth's plane around the sun. Rahu influences the world of trade and speculation, mental health, brain waves, depression etc in general. Rahu is considered to behave similar to Saturn. Also, being shadowy planet reflects the shadow of other planet sitting in conjuntion with it in one's horoscope.


Cat's Eye Stone

Chrysoberyl Cats-Eye is a stone with chemical composition of Beryllium aluminates found mainly in Brazil, India, Zimbabwe and Burma. This is normally yellowish brown color stone representing south node of moon i.e. tale of the dragon and Ketu in vedic astrology. Ketu is considered to bring occultism , enlightenment and spiritualism of highest degree called moksh or nirvana if beneficial in one's horoscope. Its effects are also similar to Mars.