Help with user data input

1. Fill in the data i.e. country of birth, place and date and time of birth; Longitude and Latitude would be filled in automatically.

2.If place(city or town) or country is not in the list box then please fill in the values of Longitude and Latitude (get it from any online Atlas) of the place in the text boxes provided.

3. Time Zone is the time difference between your country's time and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). For Example, If country of Birth is India, Time Zone is 5 Hours, 30 Minutes, since IST(Indian standard time) is 5 hours and 30 minutes ahead of GMT.

For USA and Canada, since there are many time zones used in these countries therefore time zones are different depending on you are in EST/EDT, PST/PDT, CST/CDT, MST/MDT etc. time zones.

For Example, If your time zone is EST at the time of birth(in US or Canada), then select Time Zone 5 Hours, 0 mintues since you are 5 hours behind GMT.

If your time zone is CST, then Time Zone is 6 hours

If your time zone is MST, then select 7 hours in time zone.

If your time Zone is PST, then select 8 hours in time zone.

If your time zone is AST, then select 4 hours in time zone.

If your time zone is NST(New Foundland, Canada), then select 3 Hours, 30 minutes in time zone.

4. DST (Day Light saving time) is used in many countries including USA and Canada in summer when clocks are changed by 1 hour. Therefore, if your birth time is in summer and DayLight time was in effect then check the checkbox provided. For countries like India there is NO such Daylight saving time, therefore leave the check box UNCHECKED for India.